Since leaving Brandid Ltd (a web design company) I have put my web design skills to use. The following is a list of web sites I have created.

Universal Lifting

NetGap's first undertaking. Universal Lifting have a wide range of products and although had bought their domain names had no idea how to continue. I worked closely with the directors to produce content, create logical product groupings and also provided some onsite assistance with basic computing needs like setting up email accounts and printers.

Manhole Lifting Pins

Universal Lifting also had a requirement to publish details and distributors of their Lifting Pins. The website allows customers to locate their nearest distributors simply by clicking their location on the map of the uk. This allows customers to easily locate the nearest pin distributor to wherever they are working.

NetGap websites are undertaken on a hobby basis. This does have some draw backs when compared to using a company specifically set up to create sites with full time employees. In order to save confusion and to outline what to expect I have created the following terms & conditions.

Browser Compatibility

My sites are coded to display on Chrome and Edge browsers. Most sites will also display correctly on other browsers (Firefox, Opera). Unfortunately there are dozens of different browsers all interpreting W3C standards in their own way, the result of these differences can mean your website will not display perfectly in all browsers. I simply do not have the time to test your site on every browser on every machine and operating system. I'll do my best to correct any anomalies pointed out.

Search Engine Ranking

Although I can submit your site to a few of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo) no guarantee of positioning in search results can be made. In the past there have been numerous techniques to artificially boost rankings, whereas short term this can be a good thing, in the long term when the search engines work out what has been done your rankings may be harmed. So other than to submit your site to search engines I don't attempt any underhanded techniques to boost your ranking.

Email Accounts

I use 1&1 servers to host my sites, 1&1 allows for multiple email addresses, I can set up accounts for you or in the case of owning your own server I can provide some help.

NetGap Makes Accessible Sites

I makes every effort to ensure my sites are accessible. Where possible I use techniques that promote disabled access such as variable font sizes, meaningful tags and table-less layouts. Extensive use of css allows content to remain in context for screen readers used by the blind.